Please read my policies before you book




  • 11x certified in Permanent Makeup. Located in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Appointment must be made no sooner than 24 hours before service. 


  • ALL $50 deposits to hold your appointment time are *NON refundable To hold your booking spot. The remainder of your service price is due at time of service. 


  • Cash preffered, No checks/ finance. 

  • A $15 fee will be charged on any credit card transactions.


  • If you CANCEL your appointment the $50 fee is non- refundable. If you Re Book with RayneBrows after cancelling, a new $50 deposit will be required. 


  • You are allowed 1 RE SCHEDULE ONLY. Email info@raynebrows.com  72 hours PRIOR to your appointment time and I will reschedule your appointment. Your new date must be selected within 24 hours to hold the same deposit . More than 1 re schedule will be considered a "cancellation". Then you must make a $50 deposit for a new appointment . 


  • NO DEPOSIT= NO APPOINTMENT, No free touch ups.


  • All SERVICES require the 6-8 week touch up after your initial service for desired result.

  • If you have previous permanent makeup you are a COVER UP. You must email a clear photo of it with no makeup on to me. Email before you book, i may decline service.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late you will not get your deposit back and will have to re deposit to make a future appointment. Will be considered a cancellation. Time is valuable for the client after you, and your procedure cannot be rushed. Thank you.

  • If you are extremely sick or in state of emergency you must notify me by email and I can push your date.

  • You cannot bring your child/ children to the appointment or any guests. You will be still with your eyes closed while ALL OF MY FOCUS is on you. 

  • You must be over the age of 18 to legally get tattooed/ permanent makeup in the state of Nevada.

  • Please bring a sweater and eat before your appointment. I cannot stop tattooing during the session longer than 5 minutes.

  • Do not have caffeine before your appointment time.

  • Pricing is subject to change at anytime.

I reserve my right to decline service to anyone at anytime.

For Questions or cover up consults email me.




  • If you are under the age of 18. Over the age 60.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • If you have pimples, rashes, psoriosis etc.. of the area

  • Diabetic (doctors note)

  • If you have under gone chemo (doctors note)

  • If you are sick in any kind of way please notify me 72 hours before your appointment, do not come in

  • If you have HIV or any kind of Hepatitis.

  • Any heart problems

  • Epilepsy

  • If you develop infections easily.

  • If you are on any blood thinners or Retin-a products. Please be off for 7+ days prior to your appointment. Avoid for about a month after.