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Ombre brows can heal looking like the "makeup look" or soft and natural looking, this is decided when a client requests "bold" or "natural" brows. Ombre will give the softer fronts blending to darker tail ends for the over all look. Unless otherwise requested someone wanting darker fronts can ask for a fuller brow from front to tail "powder brow".

Ombre brows are my ultimate favorite method and healed look on eyebrows.


I use a pen like tattoo machine with thin round point needles to implant permanent makeup certified pigments into the dermis layer of your skin. I don't go very deep with a gentle hand and use topical numbing creams throughout the process so that you can relax and enjoy the time getting your permanent makeup procedure.


This is overall the best service for your brows. It's good for ALL skin types and heals beautifully with minimal to no scar tissue.

The retention holds up to 80 percent.

Your brows will be waterproof and log lasting. Lets get your brows instagram ready. 

 -Current pricing (refer to booking tab above)


Stroke and Shade combination BROWS

This is if you want a more fluffy, full look. Adding hair strokes with a micro blade needle in the fronts of the brows. Then shading in the rest of the brow with a machine for the powder look. This session may take a little longer .

Best on clients that have lots of frontal brow hair. 


It's not for all skin types. If you have sun damaged skin/ very oily skin then microblading is not for you and you should get "ombre brows".   -Current pricing (refer to booking tab above)



Cover ups are for if you've ever had work done by another artist prior to RayneBrows. This is a perfect example, Her old work is light enough for me to work over. If you have any old permanent makeup not done by RayneBrows you are a cover up. Darker cover ups may take extra touch up sessions until old ink is covered. Please send me an email so I can ensure whether or not it is a workable area. Otherwise

you may need to seek laser Removal before booking new Eyebrows with RayneBrows.

 - Current pricing(refer to my booking tab above)



Lip Blushing heals to be a beautiful lip tint. Ultimately great for all lip types. Making your natural lips appear to be bigger and more defined by giving them a beautiful lip line. The stimulation from the needle also can produce collagen production inside the lips. This is not an injection.

It is permanent makeup. Lip pigment will heal 40% lighter.


Numbing is used through out this service. This is perfect to give your lips The pop you've been looking for

 - Current pricing(refer to booking tab above)

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